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Benefits of Braces 
First off, straight teeth contribute to a nicer smile.  Many studies have shown that an attractive smile boosts self-esteem which is important at any age. For children, the development of a positive self-image can carry forward throughout life and contribute to future success.  For adults, self-esteem is critically important in many professional settings and social situations. As important as appearance can be, the benefit of braces goes beyond just esthetics.  Straight teeth help an individual more effectively bite, chew, and even speak.  It may come as a surprise that straight teeth contribute to healthy teeth and gums.  Straighter teeth are easier to brush, clean, and floss! The ability to take better care of the teeth through oral hygiene also helps prevent future cavities and periodontal disease. This latter problem is of particular concern because over time it can lead to destruction of the bone that holds the teeth in place. Properly aligned teeth and jaws m…
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Importance of Routine Dental Care 
When I was in my 30s and a dentist told me I needed a few crowns, I decided to skip the expensive devices because of my meager paycheck. Besides, my teeth weren't hurting. Years later, I am paying the price in pain and costlier dental work. One of the damaged teeth that needed a crown distorted my bite, making a minor jaw-joint problem even worse. Unfortunately I'm far from alone. The price of dental care is steep for many people financially, physically and even socially, according to Marko Vujicic, chief economist and vice president of the Health Policy Institute at the American Dental Association. Vujicic said that the majority of emergency room dental visits were for infections that could be handled in a dentist's office. Overall, emergency room dental visits cost $1.9 billion yearly, 40 percent of which is public money, according to his institute's analysis of data from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.  "I'…

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Ladd Orthodontics
Chances are you have known a great number of people who have had braces on their teeth. According to Humana, there are over 4 million Americans currently wearing braces, and of those wearing braces, a quarter of these are adults. With braces being so prevalent, it is clear they have major advantages for the dental health of many people. There are many benefits to braces, and as a result, every day people make the decision to obtain braces, commonly on the recommendation of their orthodontist.We all want that flawless smile to match the way you feel inside. However, life gets in the way. You may get bogged down with work, errands, responsibilities and activities. All of this makes it just too easy to put braces on the back-burner. However, you have options that can easily accommodate your lifestyle and budget. Whether you choose traditional braces or clear aligners, we’ll find something that works for you.   Benefits of Braces
We hear all the time that first impressions…

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Family Dentist in McCordsville 
Dr. Shoba and her team at Ladd Dental Group of McCordsville are shown preforming a dental extraction in their brand new office! As you can see Dr. Shoba does a great job of taking her time with her patients, and she is very skilled clinically. Give our dental office a call today at 317-336-2211 or check out to learn more about what Ladd can do for you and your smile!

Dental Extractions: Tooth extractions are so common that most people would not guess they are categorized as oral surgery. Usual reasons for this procedure include having primary teeth that won’t fall out or an irreparably decayed tooth. Our dental specialists are trained with proper local anesthesia and extraction methods. They easily perform this procedure with no special appointments or lengthy recovery time for you.  

Wisdom Teeth are a different story: Wisdom teeth removal is a more extensive type of tooth extraction. Your oral surgeon will perform X-rays to e…

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Ladd Dental pivoting to the Latest Cloud Based Dental Management Software: Denticon
Ladd Dental Group is excited to announce that we are switching dental management software systems, in order to provide better comprehensive dental care to our patients. Today is training session number three, and we go live with the new software program starting on Monday, 12/11. Our new software package will allow all of our offices with access to each of our six General practice's schedules, as well as our Oral Surgery Center  schedule and our Periodontist's schedule. Changing software programs is never easy, but long term our patients are going to benefit exponentially. The new software program is called Denticon, and it was created by Planet DDS! Everybody here at Ladd is excited for this transition, and we cant wait for our patients to experience the benefits that this new system provides!  

Planet DDS has been providing cloud-based dental practice management software for over a decade. An…

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Dental One Membership: 

Seeking dental treatment is a big medical and financial decision. People often wait to get treatment because of the cost, but it becomes more expensive the longer that they wait. This is why they need our affordable dental services. Our philosophy is that everyone deserves affordable quality dental care. You can get these services from an affordable dentist at our office. Along with accepting most dental insurance, we offer flexible financing and special discounts. You can achieve the healthy smile that you want with the options below. Dental One Membership: Dental One is a discount dental plan that provides significant savings on dental procedures for you and your family. Now it is easier and more affordable to maintain your dental health. Although it is not insurance, it provides many of the same quality dental care services. With Dental One, everyone is accepted, there are no limits on usage, and no lengthy forms to file. Members can save 20% - 50% on many d…

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Sedation Dentistry in McCordsville | Fortville, IN

Fortville | McCordsville Sedation Dentistry Sedation dentistry uses medication to help patients relax during dental procedures. Oral sedation dentistry is a medical procedure involving the administration of oral sedative drugs, generally to facilitate a dental procedure and reduce patients fear and anxiety related to the experience. Oral sedation is one of the available methods of conscious sedation dentistry, along with inhalation sedation (nitrous oxide) and conscious intravenous sedation. Drugs which can be used for sedation include diazepam, triazolam, zaleplon, lorazepam, and hydroxyzine. Although this method is commonly referred to as sleep dentistry, patients using sedation are generally awake   Ladd Dental Group of McCordsville offers three levels of sedation to fit your individual needs. Sedation can come through the form of laughing gas, oral sedation, or IV sedation.  Generally, a local anesthetic will also be applied at th…