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Dental Expenses | 2022 Dental Equipment Inflation

  Dental Expenses | 2022 Dental Equipment Inflation   As you know, our goal is to be a transparent dental channel where we can learn and grow together as a profession. With that being said, we will discuss our 2022 dental equipment spend with Patterson, and also explain why we are willing to pay a premium for their dental products and service. Check out the videos and descriptions below, and please comment down below with what surprised you or what your dental group experienced this past year in terms of increasing dental materials pricing!   As you can see in the videos provided, we spent over 1 million dollars on dental equipment and materials in 2022, and a majority of that spend was with Patterson Dental. Patterson is a huge dental distributor in the dental industry, and our rep, Ryan, has been providing sales and support to us for over 20 years! We are so grateful for him, as he is a wonderful resource that we rely on consistently. As you can see in these videos, our relat
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Grateful Dentists | Creating A New Dental Experience

  Grateful Dentists | Creating A New Dental Experience   Our dental YouTube Channel just crossed the 2K subscriber mark. We are so grateful for each and every one, and can't thank you enough for your continued support! The  goal of our channel is to a transparent platform for the dental professionals and patients alike. One of our primary goals from a patient aspect is to help reduce their dental anxiety or dental phobias , by being able to get to know us outside of the dental setting. Building trust and relationships are absolutely vital in the dental profession , and I think these types of videos are great for helping to reduce that dental fear and anxiety. One of the main objectives for dental professionals is to have a channel where we have open and transparent dialogue about what we our peers are seeing in their specific dental market, and talk about what is going well and maybe what a few of their challenges are. The more that we can learn together the more that our pati

DSO Consolidation | Dental Market Forces

  DSO Consolidation | Dental Market Forces  The 2020 Pandemic has caused disruption in all professions, and dentistry is no different. In the past 10 years the DSO movement has been accelerating, and these past 5 years we have seen even more significant growth in this sector of the profession. Ultimately, only time will tell how this plays out moving forward. but below I have included some content on the dental factors that I think are driving this massive increase in DSO growth and consolidation.  Comment down below and let us know your thoughts overall on the dental profession, and where you think the market is headed in the next 5-10 years!       

Child's First Tooth | My Kids First Teeth

 Child's First Tooth | My Kids First Teeth   While teething can begin as early as 3 months, most likely you'll see the first tooth start pushing through your baby's gum line when your little one is between 4 and 7 months old. The first teeth to appear usually are the two bottom front teeth , also known as the central incisors. They're usually followed 4 to 8 weeks later by the four front upper teeth (central and lateral incisors). About a month later, the lower lateral incisors (the two teeth flanking the bottom front teeth) will start erupting through the gums. The next teeth to appear are the first molars (the back teeth used for grinding food), then finally the eyeteeth (the pointy teeth in the upper jaw). Most kids have all 20 of their primary teeth by their third birthday. (If your child's teeth come in much slower than this, speak to your doctor.) In some rare cases, kids are born with one or two teeth or have a tooth emerge within the first few weeks of li

Latest CPI Data | Massive Inflation Still In The Economy

  Latest CPI Data | Massive Inflation Still In The Economy    The latest CPI 2022 numbers were released yesterday, and they are ugly. Prices excluding energy and food, sometimes referred as core inflation, is at a 40 year high. Core inflation is up 6.6% year over year, and overall inflation growth is at 8.2% year over year. Lastly, rents increased .8% month over month, which is the largest monthly increase since June 1990.   As you can see, these inflation numbers are still red hot in the US economy. Ultimately, this will mean that the Federal Reserve will have to increase interest rates to fight off this rising inflation. The Federal Reserve meets again in November, and the market expects a pretty significant increase to the interest rates based on this massive inflation numbers.  What does this mean for the overall dental profession? I have put together a few of my thoughts on the topic and potentially where the market is headed. Take a look and let me know what you are expecting i

Dental Technology | Clinical Excellence

  Dental Technology | Clinical Excellence  Here at Ladd Dental Group , w e are always striving for  #clinical   #excellence , and this revolutionary technology aids in our dental mission!!     We are thrilled to be able to offer this remarkable dental technology to our patients. With the recent pandemic and rise of misinformation on the internet, establishing trust with dental patients has never been harder. With that being said, having the ability to incorporate artificial technology that interfaces with our dental imaging software to provide FDA approved second opinions in real time, is absolutely massive. Because this artificial technology runs in the background of our systems, we are able to show our patients and review what we have seen clinically and what the dental technology has confirmed, in real time. Anything from carries detection to open margins on a restoration, the artificial technology will be able to pick up and review the images.      Stay tuned for more content t

Dental Support Organizations | Good DSO's Vs. Bad DSO's

  Dental Support Organizations | Good DSO's Vs. Bad DSO's  Like any profession or industry, there are good one's and there are bad one's. Dentistry and DSO's fall directly into this category. The DSO movement is in full force and there are a variety of factors driving this movement, but only the good DSO's are going to be around long enough to experience the benefits and synergizes. Poorly run or unethical DSO' are continuing to get exposed, and overall this is a great thing for dentistry and a positive for the DSO model at large. So far, a couple of bad apples have put a blemish on the DSO reputation, but as these unethical groups get run out of the profession, the positive and beneficial DSO's will continue to increase and thrive. As the reputation of good DSO's continues to get stronger based on healthy and ethical leadership, the model will continue to pick up momentum. Check out a few of the unethical DSO videos we recorded below, and resear