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Dental Supply Chain | Dental Industry Supply Woes

  Dental Supply Chain | Dental Industry Supply Woes  We are currently building-out and adding 3 additional doctor operatories to our dental practice in Logansport. During this process, we have found out some supply chain issues that I figured the dental profession could benefit from knowing. In the videos below you will see what the timeline and delays that we have discovered, and also we provide some pricing data in the videos as well. Please comment down below what you find most interesting, but the dental profession is fundamentally having to change how they manage their practices in this current macro environment.           As you can see, it is a very interesting time in the dental profession . Comment down below on what stood out the most to you in these videos! 
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Looking to Build Out Your Dental Practice | What to Expect in 2022

 Looking to Build Out Your Dental Practice | What to Expect in 2022  Building out a dental practice in 2022 is no simple or cheap endeavor. In the videos below you will see the quotes and timelines that we were given for our 2 dental office expansions this year. Patterson is our primary dental supplier and they have been for over 20 years now (shout-out to our awesome dental rep, Ryan). As you can see, not only have the prices exploded in the past 12 months, but the delay in the supply chain is wreaking havoc on the industry. It has always been hard to manage inventory, but that task has never been harder than it is right now. Comment below and let us know what you were most surprised about with building out a dental practice in 2022! 

I Have Dental Anxiety | Sedation Dentist Near Me

 I Have Dental Anxiety | Sedation Dentist Near Me   Do You Struggle With Dental Anxiety? !  If you, you are not alone!  According to researchers, anywhere between 50 and 80%  of adults in the United States have some degree of dental anxiety , ranging from mild to severe. More than 20% of dentally anxious patients do not see a dentist regularly, and anywhere from 9 to 15% of anxious patients avoid care altogether. That is why we are here to change that!  What Is Sedation Dentistry ?!  Sedation dentistry uses medication to help patients relax during dental procedures. It’s sometimes referred to as “sleep dentistry,” although that’s not entirely accurate. Patients are usually awake with the exception of those who are under IV (General) Sedation. The levels of sedation dentistry used include:  Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas) is the most common form of sedation dentistry.  Oral Conscious Sedation is a medication that is provided in the dental office to help patients stay calm and relaxed th

Dental Implants Near Me | Dental Implant Technology

  Dental Implants Near Me | Dental Implant Technology   Dental implants are the hottest dental treatment modality in the industry. There are many different types of dental implants out there, and there are many different uses for dental implants. Implants can be used to replace a single missing tooth, all the way up to replacing all 32 missing teeth. See a few of the different dental implant options below:  Single Tooth Dental Implant :  By replacing one single tooth and avoiding the conventional bridge approach, the adjacent teeth are preserved. Dental implants come in various sizes of length and width. Since molars typically do most of the work during chewing, using an implant of maximum size is always preferred. By determining the exact jaw dimensions prior to implant surgery, the implant team is able to decide on just the right implant for the tooth to be replaced. Dental CT scan technology is used to plan the implant surgery in a precise manner by using computer assisted planni

Dentist Near Me | New Dental Office

  Dentist Near Me | New Dental Office   Check out the blue prints of our new dental office in Wabash. As you can see, we put a huge emphasis on creating an open feel with a ton of natural light to help reduce our patients dental anxiety . Having the office divided into the doctor and hygiene wings of the facility have been so convenient for both our patients and staff. Check out our blue prints below:     Check out the progression of our dental office build-out below. It has been truly remarkable to watch the blue prints turn into reality!!    From the moving dirt stage, we then moved onto putting up the skeleton of the dental office. Morton Builders did the work and they did an awesome job!!     Here is one more example of what the interior of our dental office looks like before we started working on the interior of the building!!    And this is how our dental office officially turned out!!     If you are looking for a dentist the whole family can smile about, give the team at

Community Dentist | Community Dental Care

 Community Dentist | Community Dental Care  Since 1978, we have prided ourselves on giving back to the communities that we serve! It is part of our DNA as a dental organization and has guided us in a lot of ways over our 44 years of service. We recently were able to sponsor the 2021 Wabash County Basketball Tournament and we had such a fun time engaging with the community! Check out the fun video below:    We are so grateful for the opportunity to sponsor and participate in such fun community activities. We have been a family serving families for 44 years, and we can't wait for our next 44 years of community support and service! If you are looking for a dentist the whole family can smile about, give the team at LADD Dental Group a call today!  PS- Take a look a few of the other community events our remarkable dental team participated in this past year!!       

Available Dental Appointments| Dentist Near Me

  Available Dental Appointments | Dentist Near Me  We are so proud to be able to continue to serve the remarkable Wabash community! Dr. Schmidt and his team do such a wonderful job, and now they have a state-of-the-art dental facility to match!! Check out the video below of our brand new dental office in Wabash, and we look forward to seeing a whole bunch of smiling faces there soon!    Here is a different clip of our new dental office ! We have 10 total dental operatories to work out of, and also a sedation lounge, as well as a large parking lot, great check-in area, and awesome fish tank! As you can see, we are very proud of our dental office here in Wabash, and we can't wait to serve you!    If you are looking for a dentist the whole family can smile about, give the team at LADD Dental Group a call today, and start smiling with confidence!