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McCordsville Dentist | Fortville Dentist | Ladd Dental Group | Dr. Shoba

Check out the gifted Dr. Shoba and her awesome Ladd Dental team! Dr. Shoba is going to be the lead dentist at our new Ladd Dental Group of McCordsville office opening in about 2 months from today!  Ladd Dental Group is here for your dental and oral needs!
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Greentown Dentist | Ladd Dental Group of Greentown | Dr. McLellan

At Ladd Dental Group of Greentown, we love receiving patient feedback like this!  Our satisfied patient has been coming to our Greentown General Dentist office for years, and we are so happy to be able to call him part of our family!  At Ladd Dental Group, we strive to beat our patients expectations at every touch point, and seeing reviews such at this are really rewarding!

Dr. McLellan and the talented team at Ladd Dental Group of Greentown have vast experience from pediatric dentistry to providing oral care and treatment for seniors.  Dr. McLellan is a general dentist who is very comfortable providing a wide range of oral treatment modalities to his patients!  Please check out our awesome patient and his review, and let me know what you think! Thanks

Peru Dentist | Pediatric Dentistry | Ladd Dental Group of Bunker Hill

Dr. Newman, along with his team at Ladd Dental Group of Bunker Hill, are vastly experienced in pediatric dentistry and sedation dentistry! Here Dr. Newman is shown conduction an oral exam on one of our awesome patients! There are many positives and a few draw backs to sedation dentistry, and Dr. Newman along with his staff would be happy to help walk you through that delicate decision.
Sedation Dentistry has evolved drastically as a science since its first inception! Sedation Dentistry is now primarily induced by providing the patient with an oral narcotic. Sedation Dentistry works very well on a majority of patients, but there is a certain small minority of patients that do not get as much relief from the sedative. There are a lot of questions patients should ask before moving forward with sedation dentistry. Sedation Dentistry certainly has its place in the dental field, and has been used with good clinical success, but nonetheless, patients should be fully aware of the pros and…

McCordsville Dentist | Fortville Dentist | Ladd Dental Group | Family Dentist

These are the patients that make the profession of dentistry so rewarding.  This patient was an emergency appointment, and had a wisdom tooth that was giving him issues recently.  He was a very kind and hard working individual, and it is always so rewarding to be able to help people that are so deserving!  The wisdom tooth extraction went extremely smooth, and the patients had a ton of positive things to say after the procedure!  To see more visual from this case, check out our Ladd Dental's Facebook page!
#McCordsvilleDentist #FortvilleDentist #LaddDental #FamilyDentist #FishersDentist #Dr.Shoba

Kokomo Periodontist | Perio Plastic & Implantology Center of Kokomo

Perio Plastic & Implantology Center of Kokomo is here for your oral health!  Dr. Au-Yeung and the PPIC team pride themselves on providing the highest level of clinical care to their patients.  Dr. Au-Yeung is an extremely gifted periodontist, and you are in great hands when you're in his care (yes, pun intended) hah.  Currently PPIC is working out of Ladd Dental Group of Kokomo's facility, on the lower level.  PPIC's current setup is extremely convenient for patients because if a patient is seeing a general dentist at Ladd Dental and they have periodontal (gum) disease, they can be referred to a periodontist that's in office!  Another great aspect of PPIC partnering with Ladd Dental, is that your Dental One Membership Card is now applicable for perio treatment with Dr. Au-Yeung! To learn more about Perio Plastic & implantology Center of Kokomo, please check us out at or at our Facebook Page, listed below. You can also always give us a call at 765…

Ladd Orthodontics | Ortho Care | Kokomo

Ladd Orthodontics | Dr. Tara Emerick | Kokomo IN

Ladd Orthodontics in Kokomo Indiana had a busy Wednesday, and we were able to snap a couple pics of some happy orthodontic patients!  Dr. Emerick is relatively new to the Kokomo community, so it is vital that we get her and her patients on the same page! Dr. Emerick is a wonderfully skilled orthodontist, and the Kokomo community is hoping fortunate that they now have a viable solution for their orthodontic needs.  Ladd Orthodontics is currently accepting new patients, and we would love to hear from any interested candidate. Dr. Emerick and Ladd Ortho are currently providing FREE consultations for new patients, and we look to speak with you in person!  To learn more about Ladd Orthodontics, check out our website or give us a call at 765-453-2300.  You can also stop by our beautiful facility located inside the Atrium Building in Kokomo. Our address is 3415 South LaFountain, Suite A, Kokomo IN 46902.  Ladd Orthodontics also sees patients at our office in Peru, if that is mo…

Ladd Dental Group's FB Store

Question:  Who all is currently utilizing the Facebook store for their Dental Practice's FB page?  We just established ours, and I am uncertain about how I feel about it!  It seems a bit cheesy, and I also think it makes dentistry a little bit more of a commodity product.  That being said, I activated it because I am trying to increase Ladd Dental's web presence overall.  I was just curious what my other dental friends were doing when it came to this topic.

Dentistry overall is getting more and more competitive, so the groups that best utilize the latest technology, social media, and marketing will take massive market share!  We are constantly trying to keep up with the latest trends, but it is so difficult because there are so many moving parts in the dental field.

All that being said, please take a look at Ladd Dental's Facebook store and let me know what you're thoughts are on it. Thanks!

Ladd Dental Group of McCordsville (Signage)

Hello dental community!

Today I want to talk about something fairly vital to every dental practice, Signage. Patients have to know where to find your office in order to receive dental care.  With as obvious as that last statement is, it amazes me how many dental offices have little to no signage at all.  In this day and age, you have to have an internally lit sign with good visibility.  There are too many other dental options out there for you not to be aggressive with your signage and overall marketing campaign.

Another cool thing, to me, is that Ladd Dental was able to support a local Kokomo company, Clifford Signs, to facilitate our signage needs. I love to be able to support local business that help strengthen the overall community.  Being able to support local establishments for the physical sign production and utilizing great signage to increase brand awareness are, just a few of the many values that we run Ladd Dental Group with on a daily basis.

To learn more about Ladd Dental…

Ladd Dental Group in Kokomo is open Fridays

Ladd Dental Group in Kokomo love's the feeling of a busy Friday treating dental patients. The patients and overall vibe of the office are so positive and engaging. Dentistry was made for Fridays, and here at Ladd Dental Group, we will always be here for patients and their dental needs on Fridays! To learn more about our hours and days of operation, check out!

Ladd Dental Legacy

How cool is this old retro plaque?! It is amazing to look back and see how drastically things have changed in a relatively short amount of time.  The practice of Dentistry has changed pretty much in tandem with changes in technology and the internet of things.  The 08-09 crisis and the ripple affects still being felt today, did a lot to change the complexion of Dentistry as well.  The Ladd Dental office that this plaque is being awarded to is our Ladd Dental Group of Peru office. You can find out more about this office at 

Ladd Dental Group's DentalOne Membership Card

Here at Ladd Dental Group, we provide a discount fee for service dental program, DentalOne. DentalOne is an alternative to dental insurance with many of the benefits and few of the restrictions. DentalOne has a higher level of benefits in certain areas than traditional insurance, with no yearly maximum, no deductible, and no waiting periods.

We believe having an Oral Surgeon, Periodontist, Orthodontist, and a root canal specialist as part of our Ladd team enables us to viably offer our DentalOne Membership to patients.  There are a multitude of patient benefits associated with DentalOne, especially given Ladd's size and scope of offices and providers! To learn more about our dental membership program, visit or stop in at one of our beautiful offices!

Kokomo Community Support

Community Support

One of my favorite aspects of Ladd Dental Group being a truly local enterprise, is the responsibility to support people, events, and organizations that uplift communities.  Supporting the communities in which we serve is a core principle at Ladd Dental Group, and one that I am very proud of! Henry Ford was revolutionary in many ways, one being how much he supported the people and areas in which Ford operated.

We want to create a community of healthy smiles and healthy people. Unfortunately, money and available opportunities also have a direct effect on people's overall health and well-being. We are putting our money where our month is (no pun intended) by providing community support because we know how vital it is for the people that we serve.  I hope that these types of initiatives will be picked up by other industries and enterprises because I believe these types of activities and conscious efforts are how we get America moving in the right direction. At Ladd …

Ladd Dental Group of McCordsville

At, we are embarking on a new general practice in McCordsville, IN.  This is a growing community and an area of dental need, but it is a risk for us nonetheless.  We are a family owned enterprise with zero outside investors, so any investment of this size is always made with due diligence and forethought.   The original building was designed for a bank, so we have completely gutted the building and added the upgraded plumbing systems and electrical work. I look forward to diving deeper into the metrics we used to "pull the trigger" on this office on blogs to come. As for now, I just wanted to give you guys a brief intro in Ladd Dental Group and our latest en-devours. Thanks for reading, and I look forward to bouncing different ideas off of you guys!