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Alveoloplasty | What is Alveoloplasty


Alveoloplasty is a dental pre-prosthetic procedure performed to smoothen or reshape the jawbone. In this procedure, the bony edges of the alveolar ridge and its surrounding structures is made smooth, redesigned or recontoured so that a well-fitting, comfortable, and esthetic dental prosthesis may be fabricated. 

Alveoloplasty for Dentures

Fitting for dentures. If you're missing teeth and are being fitted for full or partial denturesalveoloplasty may be necessary to ensure a snug fit on the gum. Bumps and ridges in the bone can cause gaps between the denture and the gum. 

Healing for the Denture

The dentist will provide you with temporary immediate dentures as the gum tissue heals. Once the tissues are fully healed, the time is right to add dentures to your mouth. In general, it usually takes between six and eight weeks following the tooth extraction for dentures to be placed. However, each patient is unique.

What is Alveoloplasty Dental

Alveoloplasty in Conjunction with E…

Why do I have bad breath | LADD Dental Group

Why Do I Have Bad Breath

Bad breath, medically called halitosis, can result from poor dental health habits and may be a sign of other health problems. Bad breath can also be made worse by the types of foods you eat and other unhealthy lifestyle habits. 

Does Food Affect My Bad Breath

Basically, all the food eaten begins to be broken down in your mouth.  If you eat foods with strong odors (such as garlic or onions), brushing and flossing -- even mouthwash -- merely covers up the odor temporarily. The odor will not go away completely until the foods have passed through your body.

Does Oral Hygiene Affect My Bad Breath

If you don't brush and floss teeth daily, food particles can remain in your mouth, promoting bacterial growth between teeth, around the gums, and on the tongue. This causes bad breath. Antibacterial mouth rinses also can help reduce bacteria. In addition, odor-causing bacteria and food particles can cause bad breath if dentures are not properly cleaned
Other Causes of My Ba…

Dental Implants in McCordsville | Dental Implant Specialist

Dental Implants in McCordsville | Dental Implant Specialist

Our dental implant specialist in McCordsville, Dr. Rajkumar, is a Periodontist. So what is a Periodontist, and what do they do?! 

"A periodontist is a dentist who specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal disease, and in the placement of dental implants. Periodontists are also experts in the treatment of oral inflammation. Periodontists receive extensive training in these areas, including three additional years of education beyond dental school. They are familiar with the latest techniques for diagnosing and treating periodontal disease, and are also trained in performing cosmetic periodontal procedures. Periodontists often treat more problematic periodontal cases, such as those with severe gum disease or a complex medical history. Periodontists offer a wide range of treatments, such as scaling and root planing (in which the infected surface of the root is cleaned) or root surface debridement …

Dental Emergency in McCordsville | Emergency Dental Care

Dental Emergency in McCordsville | Emergency Dental Care

Accidents happen, and knowing what to do when one occurs can mean the difference between saving and losing a tooth. Here are some tips for common dental emergencies:For a knocked-out permanent or adult tooth, keep it moist at all times. If you can, try placing the tooth back in the socket without touching the root. If that’s not possible, place it in between your cheek and gums, in milk, or use a tooth preservation product that has the ADA Seal of Acceptance. Then, get to your dentist’s office right away.For a cracked tooth, immediately rinse the mouth with warm water to clean the area. Put cold compresses on the face to keep any swelling down.If you bite your tongue or lip, clean the area gently with water and apply a cold compress.For toothaches, rinse the mouth with warm water to clean it out. Gently use dental floss to remove any food caught between the teeth. Do not put aspirin on the aching tooth or gum tissues.For objects …

Wisdom Tooth Pain | Extracting Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Tooth Pain | Extracting Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth pain can be constant for some people, while other people only experience pain and discomfort when chewing food or touching the area. Most dental professionals advise that wisdom teeth should be removed before wisdom teeth pain becomes an issue. 

Causes of Wisdom Tooth PainPainful wisdom teeth can occur for a number of reasons. Perhaps your wisdom teeth have come in crooked, can’t fit properly in your mouth, or have led to an infection around your teeth. Regardless of the cause, painful wisdom teeth can really impact your overall oral health and should be treated immediately.

Wisdom tooth pain can sometimes come out of nowhere, suddenly erupting overnight without warning. On the other hand, wisdom tooth pain can also come on slowly and gradually, and can be shrugged off or perhaps mistaken for something else. An important first step if you think you may be experiencing wisdom tooth pain is to make an appointment to see your dentist. …

Oral Surgery | Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Oral Surgery | Wisdom Tooth Extractions 

Here at LADD Dental Group, we have a team of general dentists and dental specialists that work together to provide our patients with the gold standard in dental care. Our oral surgery patients are a great example of that. When our general dentist encounter a patient that needs surgery, but the indications and pathology are out of their comfort zone, we have specialists within our group that can step in. We are proud to be able to offer this to our patients, and recently switched to a cloud-based dental management software in order to be accommodate these type of internal referral situations!

The video below is a prime example of this type of situation. Given this patient's X-Rays, the nerve appears to be close to the tooth roots. Dr. Ladd is a general dentist, and you can even hear him say in the video that this type of extraction would be done by our dental specialist in McCordsville, Dr. Rajkumar. 

In our closing video, I have uploaded a …

Community Minded Dentist | Dental Education

Community Minded Dentist

Below you will find some of our community minded efforts! Here at LADD Dental Group, we have proudly been giving back to the communities we serve since 1978! If you are looking for a caring, compassionate dental provider, look no further. Please take a look at the video below and let us know how we can serve you and your individual needs best!

I hope you guys enjoyed watching some of these videos, and if you are looking for a caring, compassionate dentist, give us a call today!

Dental Cleaning Vs Soft Tissue Management (Deep Cleaning)

Dental Cleaning Vs Soft Tissue Management

Most patients come into the dental office twice a year for a teeth cleaning. However, some patients are told that they need to get a deep cleaning instead, and that they need to see us more often than twice a year. While a regular teeth cleaning is a routine procedure, it’s important to know that a deep cleaning is very different and is actually a treatment for an oral disease. If you pay attention when you visit the dentist, you may hear our staff and hygienists referring to your appointment as “a prophy”. This is short for “prophylactic”, which is a word that comes from Greek and means “treatment to prevent a disease”. We call a teeth cleaning prophylactic because the purpose of a cleaning is to prevent disease or dental problems in a patient that has otherwise healthy teeth and gums.  
A deep cleaning is often referred to as “soft tissue management” or “periodontal therapy”. That’s because a deep cleaning is actually a treatment for periodonta…

Hi-Tech Dental Office | Intra-Oral Camera

Hi-Tech Dental Office

Intra-oral cameras are cameras used by dentists or doctors to show a patient the interior of their mouth, as an alternative to using a mirror. They were first introduced in 1989 and are now widely used in dental offices. IOCs allow the patient to see a clear picture of the inside of their mouth, aiding the dentist in consulting with them on various treatment options. Images can be saved to a patient's file for future reference.

WHAT IS AN INTRA-ORAL CAMERA? The short answer is that an intraoral camera is a tool your dentist uses to examine your mouth in as detailed a way as possible. The instrument, which may look like an oversized pen, has a camera that takes high-resolution footage or images of a patient’s mouth and shows the visuals real-time on a monitor—they’re like high-tech versions of the hand mirrors you see in your dentist’s practice. There’s much more to intraoral cameras, though. These tools are:  Better for the dentist. Intraoral cameras have incre…

Dental Technology | Quality Patient Experience

Dental Technology | Quality Patient Experience

Here at LADD Dental Group, we utilize a cloud based dental management software that has a ton of patient benefits built in. One of the many patient benefits is that our patients can access or update their health, insurance, and contact information at any time through our Denticon software. *If you haven't registered online before, the only detail to be aware of is that if you have been to ANY of our LADD Dental Group offices in the past, please register as an "existing patient". Other than that, the software is very user friendly. Also, if you have any trouble with the registration process, just give our office a call and we would be happy to assist!

Another reason we utilize a cloud based system is to better handle emergency dental situations! You can be seen at any one of our 6 dental offices, and we will have your patient info already uploaded and ready to go! This has been a really nice feature that our patient have love…

Dental Emergency | Emergency Dental Care

Dental Emergency

Here at LADD Dental Group, we understand that dental emergencies happen! That is why we recently switched over to a cloud-based dental management software to better accommodate those emergency patients! We also leave availability in our schedules to allow for those emergency patients to be seen the same day. We don't currently have emergency hours, but we are open 5 days per week and pride ourselves on providing same day care!

Here is what one of our emergency McCordsville patient's had to say about their experience:

And this is what one of our emergency Kokomo patient's had to say:  

Lastly, here is a mock video of what it would look like if you were experiencing a dental emergency in McCordsville

As you can see, we have the infrastructure in place to accommodate those unfortunate dental emergencies. If you are currently struggling with tooth or gum pain, give us a call today and experience the LADD Dental Difference!  

What is Sedation Dentistry | Sedation Dental Care

What is Sedation Dentistry

"Sedation dentistry offers an alternative for patients who have a fear of the dentist or had a previous painful or distressing experience in the past. With the help of medication, the patient is able to relax while the dentist performs the procedure. Patients seek sedation for a variety of dental procedures ranging from preventative care to oral surgery. Some patients cannot otherwise tolerate essential preventative treatments like an exam or cleaning without medication. For them, sedation allows them to enjoy a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. Other patients need more complicated painful procedures that require some anesthetic. Each situation is different, but a skilled dentist understands the nuances involved.

Before you decide whether you need sedation dentistry, it helps to understand exactly what is sedation dentistry? Once you have some basic information, you are ready to discuss the matter with your dentist. Keep in mind, the following is gener…

Dental Visit | Positive Dental Experience

Positive Dental Experience

We are always striving to improve for our patients! That is why we put such an emphasis on patient feedback. As you can see, we are thrilled to announce February's Teeth Whitening for Life winner for completing our patient experience survey! 

Here are what a few of our LADD Dental Group patients had to say about their experience with us!

Here is another one of our outstanding McCordsville patients, and this is what they had to say!  

At LADD Dental Group, we have been serving North Central Indiana families and communities since 1978!! We understand the importance of caring personally and developing long standing relationships with the communities and people that we serve. If you are looking for a caring and compassionate dentist, give us a call today and experience the LADD Dental difference! 

Dental Health Awareness | Children's Dental Health

Dental Health Awareness

Overview No matter what age, prevention is the key to maintaining good oral health. Knowing what particular dental problems you are at risk for developing and how you can reduce those risks will help you decide the most appropriate means to prevent dental problems. Susceptibility to various dental problems change as people age. Each person’s risk factors are unique. A thorough understanding of what they are is necessary to adequately reduce those risks. 
"Tooth decay (cavities) is one of the most common chronic conditions of childhood in the United States. Untreated tooth decay can cause pain and infections that may lead to problems with eating, speaking, playing, and learning. About 1 of 5 (20%) children aged 5 to 11 years have at least one untreated decayed tooth.1 of 7 (13%) adolescents aged 12 to 19 years have at least one untreated decayed tooth.The percentage of children and adolescents aged 5 to 19 years with untreated tooth decay is twice as high for…