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Hispanic Dentist in Kokomo | Kokomo Hispanic Dentist | Spanish Dentist | Se Habla Espanol

Dr. Carbajal and his awesome team at Ladd Dental Group are here for the dental needs of the hispanic community! Dr. Carbajal was born and raised in Lima, Peru and truly understands what it feels like to be in your shoes! He is extremely caring and understands the importance of communication in the art of dentistry. At Ladd, we believe it is a huge value add to the Kokomo and Peru Hispanic communities to have a Spanish speaking Dentist and dental team dedicated to providing those patients with the highest level of care! Give us a call today at 765-455-0085 to learn more about what Ladd Dental can do for you!

Ladd Dental Group likes to practice what we preach (no pun intended). That being said, I wanted to show this video of Dr. Carbajal in action. You can see in the video that Dr. Carbajal and the Ladd Dental team are conducting an initial exam on one of their awesome patients! Dr. Carbajal knows the importance of communication in the art of dentistry, and I think this video does good justice of showing those skills off! #SeHablaEspanol #HispanicDentist #SpanishSpeakingDentist #LaddDental #KokomoDentist #PeruDentist 


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